“ I don’t believe that following steps 1-10 can train every retriever.  I work with your dogs personality in order to bring out their full potential. “



We strive to develop high quality hunting dogs with our new comprehensive program and cater to each hunters specific needs based on there style of hunting and blind set up. Such as,  Rice fields, thick habitat, pit blinds, stand up blinds, boats, and whatever else will make your dogs transition to the field easier for you both.



• Our Monthly rate is $950.00 This includes full time training, training birds, Quality food, board, heart worm medication, and Frontline flea and tick preventative. We Feed and recommend Purina Pro Plan Performance.


Program Descriptions

The basic program is approximately 6 months long. This will include Obedience, trained retrieve, steady to shot, Multiple marked retrieves, blind retrieves (whistle and hand commands) and a introductions to your preferred style of hunting. During the process they will learn many drills that will break down each element of the blind retrieve. This proven method allows for a solid foundation that will last a life time. 

Transition training can be started upon completion of the basic program, but is usually not required of a hunting retriever.  Generally, it’s done with Field Trial and hunt test competition dogs.  This type of training helps the dog transition the skills learned in the basic program to the field for future development.  The time frame is 2-3 months. They are introduced to de-cheating, wagon wheel and lining concepts, water tune up drills, and more advanced marking concepts. Before starting this program your dog should understand typical corrections and be comfortable working through tough concepts.

The Express program is the shortest program available and embodies the simplest concepts of the basic program.  Obedience, trained retrieve, retrieving to hand, and an introduction to steadiness.   These skills can be used to abbreviate and finish the full basic program at a later date or that may be all your hunting style requires. The time frame is 3 months.



General Information

• Dogs should be at least 6 months old to start the Basics program. It is helpful if the dog has been introduced to some on leash obedience. The dog should also have a strong retrieving instinct. Keep it fun and let them love it!

• Any Veterinary services are the responsibility of the owner. These charges will be added into the next monthly bill.

  • All incoming dogs will be required to have proof of Rabies and a kennel cough vaccine. You will also be required to sign a hold harmless for the business and property access. To expedite the process the forms will soon be available for down load.


 Scheduling and Openings 2019-2020

Jan-June:  full

July-Oct:   2 openings

Oct-Dec: Closed for hunting season.   This period is spent giving young started dogs real experience at the duck blind.   Two new dogs are taken up for a week at a time and rotated between am/pm shoots.  Some training may be done in the after noon period depending on what happened at the blind that day.  The idea is to have the newly started dogs past the introduction Phase and ready to hunt before they are sold.  Great hunting dogs are made from real hunting. Not practicing to  hunt.  May also consider taking out dog owners wanting training advice on how to fix problems at the blind in the near future. 



Thanks for your interest in Buckshot Retrievers.