Buckshot's Star Gazer "Lilly"


Puppies are 8 weeks old.  We are very excited about this combination.

2 females are available.


Black labrador Female

Buckshot's Star Gazer "Lily"

DOB- 05/10/2012

AKC # SR76027703

OFA - LR-209584G25F-VPI

OFA - LR- EL63703F25-VPI

Cerf - LR-EYE837/9F-PI

EIC- LR-EIC-1921/9F-PI (Clear)

Chic # 98795

DNA # V689001

Sire:  Nightwinds Sharp Shooter

Dam: Belquest Hot Rod







Buckshot Retrievers Black Labrador puppy  

Jack and Lilly female puppy at 6 weeks old. 



Yellow Labrador male

Mirage Jack Frost  "Jack"

AKC # SR53015102

DOB- 10/12/2008

OFA- LR-202057/51M-VPI

OFA- LR-EL57855M52-VPI


EIC- Clear (University of Minnesota)


SIRE: Terrarust's Eat My Dust

DAM: Rockinoak's Lady Latigo





Jack's pedigree

Yellow Labrador

Lilly Is a real fire cracker!!  She is out of a field trial/ Show combination breeding we did in 2012. In comparison to her field trial Father she has much improved rear angulation and better over all structural balance.  Lilly has massive desire to retrieve and hunt.  She gives fabulous eye contact from her dark brown eyes and has a deep desire to please.  Jack is a fabulous hunting dog and companion.  His exceptional temperament, trainability, conformation, and sound genetics are all foundational reasons for his selection.  We have bred him before to a field trial line and had fabulous results.   I'm anticipating a high percentage of conformational improvements throughout the litter. Based on past experience from these blood lines I'm expecting moderate to high retrieving desire and stable temperaments that are both easy to work and live with.