Pedigree - Buckshots Star Gazer

Buckshot's Star Gazer "Lilly"

Lilly has been bred before and produces an amazingly consitant puppy with handsome looks and a lot of desire to retrieve. She doesn't throw yellow, but could possibly throw Chocolate.  Her father was (BB)  her mother is (Bc) 

     FC AFC CFC CAFC DB's Cracker of Club Mead
  AFC Kayscreeks P.D.Q.  
    FC AFC Jazztime's Coal Black Cider
Nightwinds Sharp Shooter "Doc"    
     FC AFC Creek Robber 
    FC Zoe of Diamond Ridge
    Biss CH Sure Shot Highspire Impressive
  Am CH Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable  
    Am CH Blackwaters Nipntuck Cheerleader
Belquest Hot Rod "Shelby"    
    Am CH Can CH Labradale's Coffee Crisp
  Am. CH Waterberry Expresso Belquest  
    Am CH Waterberry Fortune Cookie